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Our new website offers you the latest dance products worn by professional and amateur dancers all over the world. We will make sure that you get your order on time and we do our best to answer any questions you may have. Soon we will have a 24-hour online support system to assist you even better!

We will keep updating and upgrading our assortment and website, making Alvares Dance Shoes the #1 online Latin & Salsa shoe store in the World!


As as semi-pro Salsa and Latin dancer I love working with and for Alvares Shoes because….


It’s great to be in the backoffice as I get to speak with all our clienst and keep them happy. Every time we post a blog or get testimonials I….

Eric Lalta
Wed Developer

My job is to make sure that you get the deals and products you want! The Alvares Shoes Shop is an inovative website because…


I promote and sell all Alvares products in Holland traveling to events, parties and danschools. The more Alvares’ products are out there the better!